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Why Wealth Studies?

As prosperity grows throughout the nation and the world, people follow a path created by the wealthy.

North America is home to 2.7 million millionaries, and that number is growing fast. What used to be an impossibly elite status is now almost commonplace. With the growth of wealth, ordinary professionals and businesspeople have to ask themselves: "what will I do if I get rich?"

Are riches a good thing -- for the rich, and for the world? Can real people, grown wealthy, find fulfillment and use their riches wisely? How?

Our first step is to understand today’s wealthy people – not how they got their money, but what life is like once the riches come. What makes these people tick? Why do they make the decisions they do?

What does their behavior today foreshadow for our own lives and for our world tomorrow, when wealth is commonplace?

We hope, especially, to learn about the forces that make some wealthy people turn not into super-consumers, but into super-producers -- people who use wealth as a tool to create meaningful lives and give back to society.


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